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Free Fleece Dog Coat Patterns to Deck-Out your Dog
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Free Fleece Dog Coat Patterns to Deck-Out your Dog

Free fleece dog coat patterns are abundant on the web; the challenge is finding QUALITY patterns. Fleece dog coats are popular to sew because fleece is easy to work with, sharp-looking, comfortable and long-lasting. For this reason, many people with dogs search for patterns so they can make multiple cozy dog sweaters for their furry friends.

Free Fleece Dog Coat Patterns:

  • Fleece dog jacket - One of the web's most popular patterns. Although the above free pattern is for a small to medium-sized dog jacket –with a little ingenuity, the pattern could be altered to fit a larger hound. Once you make a few of these simple dog coats, you and your pooch will have lots of good-looking jackets for winter!
  • Web generated dog sweater - This CUSTOMIZBLE pattern allows you to enter your dog’s measurements into an easy web form which generates dog sweater patterns. Once you enter your dog’s measurements, it will send you a custom pattern. In addition, this webpage gives detailed information about how to make the sweater once you’ve received the pattern specs.
  • Martha Stewart dog coat - Martha offers customizable, do-it-yourself instruction with her dog jacket pattern.  This stylish coat features a design that keeps the dog dry on both its back and tummy!
  • Quilted doggie coat - This step by step guide, with pictures, demonstrates how to sew a dog coat, but also how to jazz it up and make it unique.
  • Quickie canine coat - This quick and easy pattern features a waterproof exterior.  Lining the bottom with fleece would keep your dog dry and warm during the fall and winter.
  • Reversible dog coat with pockets - Hailing from Australia, this pattern is for a more experienced seamstress who will take the time to add buckles and pockets.  Note that this how-to guide does not showcase a picture of the finished product. 

Budget-Friendly Dog Coat Ideas:

  • Small dog - Consider baby pajamas or toddler sweaters and/or sweatshirts.  
  • Med + large dog - Try going to the kids section of any department store and looking for bigger night clothes that may also be altered to fit your pooch. Alternatively, it may be easier to find a discount dog sweater at an online pet retailer which you can embellish or personalize as your pup’s next outfit.
  • eBay - Although this option may not be free, you will likely be able to find a fleece dog pattern you can use multiple times for under $5.00. 
  • Google product search for "fleece dog patterns" - Google's lesser-known product search engine.
With some quick alterations, the above shortcuts --or smart shopping techniques-- will ensure your dog is warm and stylish for a fraction of the cost. 


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