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Find the Right Fit for your Pooch’s Dog Gear and Dog Jackets with an Explanation of Dog Sizing Charts
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Dog Sizing Chart

Find the Right Fit for your Pooch’s Dog Gear

Choosing the right fit for your dog’s next jacket or sweater is essential for the comfort, agility and activity of your pup. However, all too often people get confused and frustrated with the lack of consistent sizing in the dog apparel industry.

How to Order the Right Size
Whether ordering a dog rain coat or a lightweight doggie sweater, there are a few universal tricks to ordering the right size. With this in mind, here are few tried and true dog sizing hints and tips that will aid in the accurate interpretation of each dog sizing chart and get you closer to choosing the right fit for your pooch.

The back measurement is referred to as the ‘top line measurement’ as it typically involves measuring the backbone from the base of the head (where the collar rests) to the base of the tail (where the tail is attached). Note: companies who only size on the basis of ‘top line measurement’ also assume that girth will be taken into consideration when ordering for size. Effectively, girth is another term used to describe the chest measurement. See guide below:

dog sizing diagram -back

The chest measurement is meant to gauge the circumference of the dog’s chest at its widest point. For most dogs, 'the widest point' can be found behind the front legs. As mentioned previously, another consideration in this measurement is girth which accounts for any extra bulk your pet may have such as large amounts of fur, a stout build or full-figure. See guide below:

dog sizing diagram -chest

The final major measurement in dog sizing charts is for the neck. The neck measurement indicates the distance around your dog’s neck. Seeing as this measurement is geared at sizing collars, most manufacturers suggest allowing an extra inch to the final measurement to allow for comfort and extra fur. In the case of greyhounds or Chihuahuas, neck size can also be a major consideration if the dog jacket or sweater you’re interested in has an attached turtleneck. See guide below.

dog sizing diagram -neck

Other Major Sizing Considerations
• Always keep your dog’s girth in mind.

• Don’t buy a size for your pooch based on your estimation of your dog’s size, always measure you dog according to the product’s size chart.

• Does the fabric have give? If not, will your dog be able to move with ease? It’s also important to keep garment's fabric in mind when determining a size as some materials can stretch when worn multiple times.

• One piece of information that’s consistently quoted in multiple dog sizing charts is: If measurements fall between two sizes, please select the larger size.

• Make sure to always compare the picture and product description to ensure you're going to get what's pictured and described.  For example, dog coats tend to be full length, whereas dog jackets tend to be shorter and many shoppers may not know this important distinction.

• Unless you have no other guide, do not estimate your dog’s size according to weight.  Take the extra 3 minutes to measure your dog. In the vast world of dog breeds, weight can be a deceiving measurement.

• Lastly, after measuring your dog, if you’re still not sure, call the company. It’s better to take a few minutes when you're about to buy, rather than receiving a package with the wrong size.


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