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Dog 4-leg Sweaters, Jackets and Pajamas –the Benefits and Drawbacks
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Dog 4-leg Sweaters, Jackets and Pajamas –the Benefits and Drawbacks

Dog 4-leg sweaters, jackets and pajamas are not the easiest fashion finds to seek out because dog apparel companies don’t often make dog sweaters and dog jackets with 4 legs. The only common piece of dog gear to have 4 legs is pajamas. However, 4-legged pieces of dog clothing can be found at special retailers both on and off-line.

Two-legged sweaters, coats, jackets and activewear are especially common in the world of dog apparel. Most stores carry apparel with 2 legs for dogs because they make it easy for owners to put on and for dogs to move around. Moreover, doggie garments with 2 legs rather than 4 are less restrictive and allow dogs a full range of motion. But, perhaps the greatest reason why you don’t see many dogs sporting a 4-pronged approach to the daytime clothing is the bathroom factor. Having a dog vest or 2-legged outfit greatly simplifies things for both dog and owner, and allows your pet to do its business without beckoning for help every time. Although 4-legged outfits look especially cute, they are a little more cumbersome.

Four legs are most prevalent in pajamas because PJs traditionally cover most of the body and are designed for both warmth and comfort. Since dogs don’t move around that much at night, having all four legs clothed will not really affect them much unless a midnight bathroom break is required.

Therefore, likely the biggest consideration between choosing dog gear with 4 legs versus 2 is the bathroom factor. Otherwise they are great departure from the traditional dog clothing.


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